about the trust

The mission of the Local Food Trust is to strengthen and grow culture and community through investments at critical leverage points in our local food systems.

A resilient and robust food system is the foundation of a healthy community. We believe the food system is an economic multiplier.  The Trust exists to enable individuals, businesses, and grantors to invest in our local food culture and economy.  The Trust translates that investment into practical, operational investment in local food system businesses and organizations, nurturing and strengthening local culture and community development.

Our program services help local farms, food ventures, makers, artisans, and small enterprises manage and build their business for true resilience.

Why do we focus on local food systems?

  • Everyone participates in food culture and economy.

  • Increasing the local share of a food system is an unambiguous social good.

  • Supporting local food actors is an economic multiplier that keeps more resources in the community.

How do we plan to apply our resources and expertise?

  • We support local food actors through direct operational assistance (planning and operational consulting) and grants.

  • We ensure maximum local impact by assessing and assisting grantee’s ability to use local resources and local markets.

  • As an advocacy/education organization and information clearing house we strengthen local communities by building awareness and market share for local food actors.